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Registration will be opening soon for these upcoming courses:

Being In Our Bodies and Talking About Race

Facilitators: Whitney Lawless & Ray Rodriguez

We invite you to join our relational healing group for white bodied and white-adjacent people, facilitated by Whitney Lawless and Ray Rodriguez. Together we work to build an anti-racist community through body practices, connection and action.

We currently offer seasonal workshops that can be taken continuously throughout the year, or for a single season, with the understanding that this work is and must be ongoing if we are to collectively heal and grow.

Embodied Empowerment: A Healing Workshop for the BIPOC Community

We invite you to join the SOI community in a healing workshop exclusively for Black, Indigenous, and People of Culture (BIPOC), facilitated by Schona Christie.

This is a virtual workshop as part of Schona’s commitment towards her approach to healing justice. It is for people of visible culture, who are interested in being in a healing space without white gaze. We believe that all it takes is an open heart, an open mind and a willingness to grow and change to become a change maker. This is an invitation. In this workshop we will work together through the first quarter of the year.

Schona’s intention for this space is to create a soft place to land so that we’re able to explore the process of embodying radical self love. This will be achieved through the reclamation of voice and power with storytelling. This is a space where we’re able to come and share tools and resources through conscious community as we work towards being unapologetically embodied, and empowered. All folks of visible culture are welcome.

Facilitator: Schona Christie

Dates Select Wednesdays (to be announced) from 7pm-9pm (PDT) on Zoom.

Location Online: Zoom only.

Pricing $18 per session or $108 paid in full. Sliding scale is available, all are welcomed.

Flow: Bringing Spirit Into Form

The Mayans have 80 words to express the heart and experiences of the heart. In the Mayan language they say every heart has a glyph and when they say kindness, it is said your heart is a book. They also believe the Gods eat poetry and so we must write and recite to keep the Gods happy – perhaps this is one of the reasons that all sacred texts are poetic, they read like prose and distillations of human experiences to guide us and heal us.

This class is in alignment with the Mayans’ belief that in every book is a heart and that indeed the Gods revel in poetry. We will explain writing as a practice of the soul and how to bring these sparks of what wishes to be expressed into form in a way that is deeply transformational, healing and clarifying for the writer, the reader and the future generations to come.

Facilitator: Char Sundust

Labyrinth of Life (Healing Circle)

“All Healing Begins With the Soul “– Thomas Moore

We walk through our lives as a labyrinth…. this can be walked consciously or unconsciously. If we are not conscious, we sometimes don’t recognize there’s only one way in and one way out.

In this work we walk the labyrinth of our lives together. We work with the Discanso and the Cairn in order to repair the soul and the heart and to move into fulfillment.

In this course we explore in depth Jeanne Achtenberg’s concepts and principles of healing. We work with cross cultural healing modalities and principles to acknowledge, purify, inspire and stand witness to the places that are calling for healing, growth, regeneration and completion.

We will do the work of aligning the body, mind and spirit in the same direction so that the statement “Healer, Heal Thyself” can be a truism through the work we do together. To get a clear view of what is not working – so we can really look at and act on what is.

Facilitator: Char Sundust

Dates: Labyrinth of Life (Healing Circle) is a weekend workshop beginning Friday from 7pm – 9pm, and continuing Saturday and Sunday from 10AM to 5PM.

New dates will be announced shortly.

Pricing: Full weekend workshop tuition = $625

Mexico 2023: The Life of Symbols; Guided and Transformed + Intuitive Training for Visionaries and the Beautiful Yucatán

Our 10-Day Retreat in Mexico: November 27 – December 6, 2023

How do we balance our intuitive and visionary natures? How do we follow guidance and create a life where we are loved and held as we are serving and helping the well-being of the planet and others. How do we have boundaries and create clarity in our connection with Spirit and what has meaning for us personally? How do we access a rich spiritual life of meaning while working with the dreams we most want to manifest in our daily lives?

Facilitator: Char Sundust

Dates: November 27th – December 6th, 2023.

Location: Bacalar, Quintana Roo, México.

Teacher’s Training

For those who are called to teach….