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Registration will be opening soon for these upcoming courses:

Being In Our Bodies and Talking About Race

Facilitators: Whitney Lawless & Ray Rodriguez

We invite you to join our relational healing group for white bodied and white-adjacent people, facilitated by Whitney Lawless and Ray Rodriguez. Together we work to build an anti-racist community through body practices, connection and action.

We currently offer seasonal workshops that can be taken continuously throughout the year, or for a single season, with the understanding that this work is and must be ongoing if we are to collectively heal and grow.

Nourish : Gut + Mind + Heart 

Join Char and Carrie for a workshop in nourishment of the body, mind and spirit with special attention to how to bring our gut, mind and heart into alignment . We will be exploring ancient and modern technologies that support our well being and allow us a vibrant experience of life. 

Date: May 20th 10am-1pm

Mexico 2023: The Life of Symbols; Guided and Transformed + Intuitive Training for Visionaries and the Beautiful Yucatán

Our 10-Day Retreat in Mexico: November 27 – December 6, 2023

How do we balance our intuitive and visionary natures? How do we follow guidance and create a life where we are loved and held as we are serving and helping the well-being of the planet and others. How do we have boundaries and create clarity in our connection with Spirit and what has meaning for us personally? How do we access a rich spiritual life of meaning while working with the dreams we most want to manifest in our daily lives?

Facilitator: Char Sundust

Dates: November 27th – December 6th, 2023.

Location: Bacalar, Quintana Roo, México.

Teacher’s Training

For those who are called to teach….

Tree of Life: Cultivating Our Gifts and Sharing Them

TEACHER: Char Sundust

In this course, we will be working on different themes in the four quadrants of life: Health, Relationships, Work, and Spirituality. Each session is dedicated to an area of transformation for the individual and group to address so that we can embrace what really matters. We will be working with applications from Char’s upcoming book, “Way of the Soul.”

  • Galvanized Vulnerability: Creating a Container and Respecting Boundaries
  • The Sacred Trifecta: Patience, Kindness and Goodness
  • Guided by the Truth: Holding What Has the Most Meaning
  • Eye Towards Discovery: Healing Tools and Accountability
  • The Guiding Heart: Chambers of Consciousness

We will begin with our intentions in the areas we would most like to transform, and work in a sacred mentoring container to access the qualities of healing and wisdom that will guide us to the best internal and external results.