About Char Sundust

Char Sundust is the spiritual director of Village Medicine. Char is a mentor, teacher, and healer. She provides ceremony for convocations, graduations, and the celebrations and life passages all human beings experience. She has a healing practice integrating ancient and cutting edge technologies so more healing modalities are available, as all healing begins with the soul.

Char Sundust

She works with many cross-cultural practices, including shamanism, as there are remnants of shamanic practice on all continents of the world. Char comes from a rich cross-cultural heritage which has inspired her to create programs for people to recover and discover their ancestral root and spiritual identity and apply these learnings to support a deeply personal spiritual practice that can be applied to change our internal world which creates positive change in the external world.


She has developed a program to assist those who want to access their inherent body wisdom and to cultivate and develop and recognize their intuitive nature and body wisdom, and to recognize the voice of Spirit in their own natures. She has developed numerous programs for personal, professional, and spiritual development, including a year-long Leadership and Mentorship course, a program for personal healing and soul work, the applied spirituality program, a program for writers – writing as spiritual practice – called “flow”, and a couple’s workshop for people in long-term, committed relationships, because we bring ourselves to any relationship we are in.

Char has been the resident spiritual advisor and mentor at Bastyr University and works with IT communities, corporations, businesses, and universities to create an environment of mutuality and humanity where everyone wins. She does one on one mentorships for personal, professional and spiritual development, mentoring individuals and groups to go to the next level in their health and wellbeing, creative, emotional, spiritual, and professional lives.

Some of the places her work has been seen and heard are on KEXP, and KZOK, The Jeff Renner show, and Evening Magazine. Also on NPR, in collaboration with Charles Jefferson and her adopted Lakota mom, Barbara Means Adams, in “Iyaye.” She also has monthly podcasts that can be found at medicine media. She is the co-author of “God, Death, and Poetry” with William Whittman and contributing author to “Altar-Making.” She is an award-winning poet and her poetry can be heard on “Thousands of Miles” with David Close and “Sol” with Sonny Mishra.

Char is deeply committed to the sustainability of nature and attending to the earth’s well-being. She assists individuals in achieving their destinies through spiritual practice and personal accountability. She is a bridge of the many cultural wisdoms we have access to at this time to create tangible, positive change in our internal and external environments. Char comes from a rich, spiritual background. She is grateful for the wisdom and learning passed down to her from her Apache, Mexican, English, Irish, and German ancestors. She also thanks her adoptive mother, Barbara Means Adams, who was Lakota-Sioux. She is honored to be a protégé of Angeles Arrien and her work in transpersonal psychology and the four fold way. She thanks all of these ancestors and is grateful for all that has been given her to serve and preserve what is good, true, and lasting.