Word seeds(harvest)

The Hopi people say everyone has always wanted to love a seed.
I have found nothing more satisfying than that tender push upward of new life.
In the spring I notice these cycles, and pose to my heart some queries.
How am I aware of the new seeds pushing outward?
What are the seeds I am planting in my thoughts, my gestures?
How am I experiencing the world?
How is my atmosphere experiencing me?
What am I thinking, saying, feeling?
It’s of importance to Nature
what we are giving and what’s being given…
Every moment is a nurturance,
a new opportunity to experience life on life’s terms.
To receive the blessing of everything inside, all the learning, turning over, changing me.
Infusing our present moment with the wisdom of experience.
What have I experienced? What wisdom is opening to me now?
If I don’t like my experience, what can I offer to life
to create a different outcome in my own engagement with life?
How can I plant seeds that come to harvest?
How do I allow the growing room for myself and others?
How do I offer and restore this holy place?
This body of my body, the earth….
The center of the practice is:
touch earth
plant seed
care for,
engender spaciousness.
Clarify place – protect and provide light, water.
Right placement of ourselves and our source of nurturance.
What is my relationship with my source of nourishment…..
It is truly the earth and all the wonders of this atmosphere.
What is needed for this being (self) to flourish (the world)
The right amounts of purification, spaciousness, connectedness,
nothing grows without connections.
Are my words connecting, spacious, clear?
Do they honor the earth of my body?
What we know is a new seedling suffers under hail or a sudden glare,
too much glazing heat or a flood of silt or deluge –
What are my seeds?
Are they floating, otherworldly, groundless?
or are they carried out like the maple red seed, spinning, curious, purposeful –
wondering, wandering, landing, planted by what is natural,
Finding softness rooting down.
Am I a soft place to land?
What can I learn about growing?
What can I plant for my heart, my mind, my pleasure.
What ways can I connect in a deep reciprocity with what nourishes me, and my loved ones….?
With gratitude for all the seeds,
In beauty,

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