What will I harbor now?

What is a harbor
A safe harbor, a place
where you can relax
as you never have before.
A place where words
mean something
where speaking makes a bridge,
a way for us to reach one another.

Angeles used to say sometimes we need to over communicate
in order to create a field of safety.

There are a number of ways
we can contribute to our own and others’ safety.
She also stated that
too much spaciousness
and not enough spaciousness
create fields of unsafety…
What if I am responsible for my safety and my needs?

What kind of safety do I create?
Am I a co-creator of safety?
Do I show up and have the conversations
necessary for my emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing.
Am I over extended?

Do I have the reciprocity I need
to have a place where I can relax,
reflect and regenerate
a safe harbor for myself –
is there a place for my humanity,
for the humanity of my loved ones?
where there is room for speech, silence, movement, change
and truth.

A safe harbor is where we each get
to be fully who we are
and we are respected
and we honor the needs of others
and find ways to create wins and
to protect and care for
what we most value,
especially when it’s not looking good.

I am so grateful for the home I have.
It’s a tiny house
in a safe harbor
with who and what I love. A safe house.
If you have a safe house, a harbor,
what and who do you harbor there that makes it that way?
If it’s not a safe harbor,
what can change
that will create a place of respite?

Who and what do you harbor.
Who and what do you want to harbor.
Who or what harbors you 🙂

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