Underneath Everything….

How we follow the symbols
How we make the symbols.
We have always made them.
I have just returned from a journey with Patrick O’Neill, on pilgrimage to the sacred sites in France with a group of friends and colleagues.
We were taken on the most breathtaking journeys.
To Lisieux, to Madeleine, to Sarlat.
These places where people made life.
Where they made home / ceremony / children / friends / a life for themselves and their community
Mairie, our guide introduced us to
these sacred places with such tenderness and wonder
That we were transformed by each encounter
as a community,
as individuals,
captivated in a journey of what is ancient, sacred and truly lasting
With one another, with the mystery and the immense generosity of the people, the land, the harvest season.
To see as we did
at Cougnac Caves
the tiny bat clinging to a slender crystalline stalactite
was a befriending
of what lives under the surface.
I wonder what treasures, images and symbols
are underneath the surface for each of us.
My father always told me to follow the symbols
🌊 🌊 🌊 🌊 🌊
These images at Cougnac were of the ibex,
the woolly mammoth,
the deer / stag
and some were clearly human.
Moving, striking images-that many thousands of people
arrive to see and experience each year.
These symbols,
this place of remembering
and perhaps, if we are fortunate enough,
if we feel and heed the guidance of the symbols
then maybe the gifts, callings, wisdom and awareness of what is ancient
of what is just under the surface
can be acknowledged, recognized and put to work.
By put to work – it’s as though
I walk now with the stag,
the mammoth,
the ibex
I walk in the sacred signs
of my own humanity
and in them
I have access to the original instructions
of what it means to be human.
To walk with them is an honor
a gift, to continue
to listen to their teachings
is what the images are for.
It was written
thousands of years ago….
Can we listen
Can we pay attention
to what is speaking to us from the original people, thousands of years ago?
So we can remember what is important now?
What is the past showing me?
What is under the surface
that needs to be honored
for me to be fully human?
What legacy am I leaving behind?
What artifacts / petroglyphs
am I leaving?
What will they say to the future?
If not, is there a new behavior
that will help me bring and offer
my most meaningful gifts
to every day?
With deep gratitude to Patrick, Marie and Kathy.
To my beautiful co-journeyers,
Thank you for the gifts and many blessings of our sacred days together.

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