Stop, Drop & Pray

What is the power of our connection?

There is a power that is greater than we are
that makes all that we see and breathe and hear,
that gave us the capacity to think,
to make gestures and steps
that have meaning,
that connect us to the greater world.

Where do I want my next step to land me?
Where do I want to be in 3 steps, gestures or actions?
It begins with what I am thinking.

I notice often we have to say to ourselves,
“What am I thinking?,”
when we are doing or saying something
that doesn’t align with who we are.
This is when we can stop, drop & pray
and if we don’t pray, we can intend or affirm a new direction.

“I am clear, loving, creative.
I put positive energy in the world
and positive energy greets me everywhere I go.
I trust myself to choose wisely….”

We can also
say a prayer more like
“Creator, I am not thinking clearly and ask for new thoughts.”
This could be a time to stop, drop & pray or set intention.
Ask for help from the Mystery, from the Soul
of the world, who we are a part of.
The earth is a person who loves and cares for us.

Some good prayers or intentions may be….

Please guide my day
Keep me focused on what & who I love
and help me to do the right thing.
If I don’t know what that is,
please show me.
I ask for your guidance and love,
for the ability to allow
your love to flow through me to others
and your love to flow through others to me.
To see your love
in the eyes of those I meet
and when I do not see your love
to be a source of health
engendering empowered support
for myself and others.
And for all that is good, true and lasting
help me be who I want to be.
Thank you very much.
Aho Amen.”

What are your prayers or intentions
for the day,
for this week?

What happens when I align with
who I truly am and
who I really want to be?

What is my prayer or intention?

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