Stay Together

Stay Together
I love this line.
Gary Snyder - For the Children (excerpt)

I was recently in New Hampshire giving a talk on Spirit in medicine. Different aspects of the soul and their expressions and different ways we can return the soul to medicine, medicine to the soul.
One way we can do this is to stay together,
to speak
to listen
to maintain curiosity –
I love his “one word” in
this poem:
Stay together
Learn the flowers
Go light
How do we tend to the good of all?
To our togetherness?
As healers and visionaries
many of us
see beyond what is said,
feel beyond what is shown,
and know beyond what is consciously known.
There is a wisdom of the soul and the heart
The heart being the center as the soul surrounds.
The best way to bring our medicine into the world
is to get ourselves together
– the soul, the heart, the mind –
and to build a relationship between the 3
that is caring, responsible
compassionate, creative and joyful.
My unity within me,
my caring for my own congruency
is what I reflect into the world.
As Gary Snyder says,
“How then can we
meet there in peace?”
within ourselves
and at the table
where there are many different views, beliefs, perspectives
and pick up our glasses and toast
to one another
To our lives
our families,
To the world?
What do I want to celebrate.
Where or with whom do I have unspoken gratitude?
How can I remedy that….

Perhaps today?

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