Making and Taking Medicine

What is my medicine?

We are always making medicine.
Our words our thoughts and our actions.
Angeles Arrien used to say,
“I can be in the description or I can be in the prescription.”
Where am I? What kind of medicine am I making?
Would I want to take my medicine?
The words and actions and thoughts that I’m putting into the world?

One of my favorite prescriptions is a gratitude practice.
There’s almost nothing that cannot be shifted in some way by gratitude.
It’s a simple, and complicated, thing.
And that we must slow down, pause and maybe see that everything is OK after all.
What am I grateful for? What needs tending or mending?
It’s not an all or nothing world.
Different things go well while I’m learning other things.
Sometimes we learn
Gracefully. Sometimes not.
But it’s all part of this fantastic journey that we all share –
how could we bring our medicine, our prescription, to our own lives, to our relationships,
And to our communities?

Here’s to a wonderful harvest time filled with being in the prescription
instead of the description…

Where am I in the prescription?

Where am I in the description?

How helpful is that?

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