Let the Rains Come

Today the rain came down like seeds –
on the houseboat – tiny seeds
breaking open over the lake, the trees.
The kestrel making his morning
motions overhead.
breaking over black crows, cormorants and mergansers.
Families of wood ducks & the steady stream of cars –
The purifying, cleansing rain
cool – sweet water –
filling the house with delicious sound.

I love this symphonic morning
I was wondering if that’s why so many people love this
final resting place
before the next world of Canada.
I wonder if we yearn for the rain,
the pure tenderness,
the wonder and dangers of what it means to be cleansed.
Being cleansed is always a relief –
it takes time
and care – a force of attention and consciousness – respect.

It’s important we clear away
whatever we no longer need
to become refreshed and clean
to clean it up
in order to clear a way
and remember what we, and how come we, are letting go.

What does it mean to clear it up –
to allow those drops of rain to carry away
the hurts and haunts
of the heart and spirit?
It means we reflect,
we become aware of our own participation
in what hurts or undermines us
We reflect on our behavior
and what we can do differently in the future.
And then we wash the rest away.

We allow that Power so much greater than ourselves
to give us back to ourselves.

regeneration – happens
in contemplation

Not so much in “where have I let others down?”
(Although that’s a part of it)
But “Where have I let myself down? (Self abandonment) which ends up catching.
And the need for amends multiplies the more we set aside our own needs….

Where did that originate?
What are we trying to get
with this betrayal of Self?
These things almost always have
a starting place.

If I am responding in a way I don’t like
in a way that doesn’t bring solace,
love, honesty and appreciation to my life
and the lives of others –
I may want to do some soul searching and history healing.

We are all doing the best we can
with the tools and skills that we have
But if we want to live better and love wiser…

We can be honest and kind
with ourselves
and others
and give everything else
to the rain.

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