Hopi Prophecy – Celebrate Life Blend

This time of year, Nature tells us there is much to celebrate
and I wonder what we can celebrate from our past year.

What did I learn about my life, myself,
my loves, my mistakes, my relatives,
& what I want from life?
What blessings did I receive?
What blessings did I extend?

In the world, it is the time of coming to center,
going into the night,
the deep time of gestation,
reflection, rest.
Listening to the self,
to life, and for the stirrings of the coming year.

In some traditions, they have a purposeful time of rest.
The Hopi people practice something called Soyal.

They recommend that we can follow the natural cycles. This is one of them. So we can blend with nature and celebrate life.

In our community we will begin our process of Soyal from January 8-24th. The rest of the year, there is always lots of dancing, planting, harvesting, and gestating. So in preparation for our rest, after all our celebrations of the season:

  1. Use good and wholesome words and uplift others.
  2. Ask the spirits to listen to you and to bring the rain of loving-care down upon the whole world.
  3. Guard against disturbing and loud behavior.
  4. Teach children about love and respect and how come we do this.
  5. Think of the Earth as a Mother, a spirit person who feels and responds.
  6. Don’t break the skin of the Earth as she joins you in this.
  7. Connect with family members and friends who are good and uplifting to you.
  8. Review with yourself the divine laws from your culture or your own ethics or the Hopi laws described in the book.
  9. Review your own conduct and the conduct of people in the world over the past year.
  10. Make an honest reflection of your conduct over the past year.
  11. Pay attention to what is going on in Hotevilla.
  12. Remember that Creator and other spirits are making their movement to conduct the divine plan…
  13. No dancing, move gently, speak softly…


To honor the Earth and her time of Rest.

The Hopi invite all people to participate in their own form of Soyal….

– How can I practice my time of Soyal?

– Where do I rest?

– What rejuvenates me?

– What is stirring in me that may want to flourish in the coming year?

Happy Solstice
May all blessings surround you.

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