For the good of All

For the good of all?

What is for the highest good of everyone?

How can we in this moment…. this precious sacred moment, wonder

About everything that brings us life?

We were here

Formed by air

Moistened by water, made of loam.

A most noble and humble beginning

Like everyone, like everything.

We are given so much, an entire wilderness of years called a lifetime.

Even a moment is treasure.

And yet we are given years,

How do we want to spend those milliseconds, minutes, months and seasons?

What we know is that we are walking with others, that we are not the only one on this road….

There are insects. Animals.

Lichen. Moss. Trees. birds. Other human beings….

What is my awareness of these other beings?

Am I listening to the world….?

Am I taking care that I am healthy and well? Am I then supporting the health and wellness of what and who is in this precious world around me?

What is my impact?

How are my words…. my actions, my feet, landing?

This is a time when love and respect….

Kindness and honesty are the ideal prescriptions.

If we are going to do or say something that will impact Someone else.

Our words are contagions – what am I giving to the world –

My family, friends, and loved ones?

Would I want to catch what I am saying?

Am I creating and supporting more life?

Is it infectious laughter and joy….

Or something else?
It is essential to check it out with them. Whether it is a consciousness of acreage for ecosystems that are required for every species to live and flourish….

Or a conscientious observance of how I am a part of this world.

How can I observe myself and walk in the world in a way that supports the mutuality of how connected we are and the truth of what I do to the earth, to other beings, human and otherwise, is what I do to myself and to my children.


recovery movement has a statement called THINK.

They ask,

“Is it






If not, then don’t say it.

Then it’s Time to wait for the ability to respond.

To have a new experience

To not re-act

But to write a new act.

Where everyone expresses their needs, wants, wishes and desires to those they have them with.

Respects boundaries (yes means yes and no means no).

We negotiate and communicate directly.

(Directness creates safety)

And we can accept what the other person, places and beings need.

Without demonizing them or blaming or playing ‘make wrong.’

instead we could bring our

Acceptance and wonder



And then perhaps if we could each be loving

each be respectful

each be aware

We could honestly stand behind what is for the good of all

Because we had loved ourselves, each other, and our world enough to ask.
Let us be life-givers


Everyone is different.

I love us all

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