“How am I going to be an optimist about this?” is the question indie pop band Bastille poses. It’s a good question
An everyday….. moment to moment question.

I appreciate what Patrick O’Neill says when he talks about optimism. He states, “It means to be optimum and that the optimistic people are the ones that make it through where others don’t.”

It reminds me of our capacity to do the right thing. To empower what is going well and what is working. We also, while having this positive attitude, get to look at what is not working- and address, process, and resolve things together when it’s time. How can we offer our greatest healing gift which is love? Sometimes this is quite a process.

Having a positive attitude does not eclipse other feelings. It is a deep knowing that all of who we are can be present. We Honor that feelings reside together and know we have everything we need to face what comes. And what comes…..is a lot of Beauty…. and what comes is opportunity to be real, to be authentic, to look at what is really happening in our own lives right now; and to focus steady on what and who we __love__ in a way that is optimal, for us-for them, in a way that is true.

What is true of me right now? How are my attitudes, if I don’t like them/What can I do to shift them? If evidence shows that I am ok in the present, what causes me to argue with reality? Reality is what’s in this moment…

What do I want to create in my reality today? How can I do that with my attitudes, acts, and gestures? How can I use my power for the good? How can we be an empowering influence.
An influence for the good towards myself and those that surround love and protect me.


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