Cycles and Seasons

Happiest New Year to you and all that you love and cherish
It is a ceremonial season. As all seasons are….
In the Hopi survival kit by Thomas Mails (a textbook we work with in the Spiritual Identity program)
They speak to the natural cycles of life.
Organic, authentic, prayerful, pragmatic, and very very real cycles and seasons.
We want to escape them. We don’t want to gestate, cultivate, nurture, grow, harvest, celebrate, clear and cleanse. Rest, prepare and plant….
We want to feast.
Not plant, not prepare
Not nurture, cleanse or rest.
In the Hopi survival kit
They say
The earth is a person.
How can we begin a relationship of reciprocity and respect?
I think we can begin with a list of what we each need in order to feel respected, whether that be kindness. Being heard. Feeling protected and cherished. Cared about, taken into account.
The earth is constantly creating.
But to do this she needs to rest.
Many of her animals and plants begin their preparations in the fall and by winter they begin to hibernate.
To go inside, to gestate and become new again – ready to nurture new life.
Like the maple that begins its surge of life blood at the beginning cradle of spring rays.
We must slow down. We must encourage our breathing to slow, a peacefulness to come over us.
We must pull our cars over, put down our blazing beeping chiming and churning technologies. And choose the most natural, organic and ancient technology…
Will we settle like a mantle of snow, that says everything here is quiet?
A silence that asks
Who are you?
Giving infinite response to
Who you are.

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