M+L: the Heart and Soul of Leadership and Mentorship

October 27, 2023 7:00 pm - May 26, 2024 5:00 pm Seattle University - Administration Building, Seattle, WA.

This is a 4-weekend mentorship program.

This program is for those who wish to deepen, expand, and strengthen their mentoring and leadership skills. There are those of us who are called to lead, or even directly asked, but we just don’t believe it. There are those of us in leadership positions who want to lead well, love well and learn well. Leadership and mentorship, like any work in the world, has its risks and blessings. As mentors and leaders we have the holy privilege to collaborate for the whole human being to address the spiritual, relational, and professional wisdom of an individual, organization, family or community.

In the Tao of Leadership, John Heider says, “we mentor someone when what we have to offer meets the needs of someone else.” We all have gifts and experiences that have given us a way to give clarity and perspective to those who ask.

This program offers in detail the do’s and don’ts of mentoring, passion and compassion in leadership, practice ethics, the guiding questions of the mentor, roles and ground-rules of the mentee and mentor relationship, strengthening and deepening the gifts and talents of the mentee, bringing leadership skills home in a way where everybody wins. It is a great honor to be a mentor and to be a mentee, to share what is good about life, and to be a guide in the currents of challenge and stillness of love. It is a great gift with clear requirements.

This workshop is open to everyone. This workshop is a requirement for all Sundust Oracle Institute TA’s.

TEACHER: Char Sundust


Sack Lunch, Journal


Seattle University - Administration Building, Seattle, WA.

All of our classes/workshops are hybrid, giving everyone the option to show up to class in person or via zoom. Please contact the office for more details at (206)440-8886 or sundustoracle@gmail.com.


Format: Four weekend workshops. Friday evening 7pm – 9pm, Saturday & Sunday 10:00am to 5pm

Workshop Dates:

2023-2024 Year

First Clinic Weekend – Oct. 27th, Oct. 28th, & Oct. 29th, 2023

Second Clinic Weekend – Jan. 26th, Jan. 27th, & Jan. 28th, 2024

Third Clinic Weekend – April 19th, April 20th, & April 21st, 2024

Fourth Clinic Weekend – May 24th, May 25th, & May 26th, 2024


$2700 total for all 4 weekend workshops


Tuition Discounts: The M+L program offers a 10% Student Rate Discount if Full Tuition Payment and Registration is received by Aug. 1st. There are also discounts available for those retaking the course, and for full-time Bastyr students and alumni. Please contact the Sundust Oracle Institute office at (206)440-8886 or by email at sundustoracle@gmail.com for more details.


Payment plans are available with a deposit of $150 and 10 monthly payments of $255. Scholarship and Work Trade opportunities may be available for those in need of financial assistance. Please contact the Sundust Oracle Institute office at (206)440-8886 or by email at sundustoracle@gmail.com for more details.


Contact the office at 206.440.8886 or email sundustoracle@gmail.com.


**Please note our refund and student account policies**:

● 25% Refund (only on paid-in-full accounts) if withdrawing within 30 days from class start date
● 0% Refund if withdrawing after 30 days from class start date
● Deposit is non-refundable

**This includes all monthly payment plans
**There will be a $35 fee for each individual returned check
**Any account balance over 90 days past due will be subject to collections

Hold Harmless Agreement

I__________________________________________(print your name) agree to release, indemnify, and hold harmless Char Sundust and the Sundust Oracle Institute from and against any loss, damage or liability, including attorneys’ fees and expenses incurred by the latter entities and their respective employees, agents, volunteers, or other representative, arising out of or in any manner related to the activities of the Sundust Oracle Institute.


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