Spring cycles and seeds

Winter passes, the thaw begins. -Rivers surge, lakes and streams burst in their banks and shores. Often at this time of year so do we….

We begin to come out of our rest, our time of hibernation and contemplation. We begin to thaw ourselves.

During the winter, the bear goes into a state of torpor, staying in the den until food and warmth begin to surge from their underground winter paralysis; when winter stops its seize on life, relaxing and opening its hands.

We hope for a thaw in ourselves as well as each other. We long to create space in our hearts to create love and connection after the winter rest. We seek our purpose. If not a life purpose, then a purpose for today. This may be as simple as getting up, brushing our teeth and combing our hair. Some days are like that. For some of us, many days are like that. But we all have a seed in us, bursting with life, that wants to offer itself to hospitable ground. Even at times when we struggle to find the ideal conditions we can still plant those seeds and look for ways to nurture into full bloom.

Seedlings are delicate, but once they’ve grown past a certain stage they can, and will, take over a landscape.

What are the seeds within that I have been cultivating? How am I creating fertile soil? What attitudes and experiences might be needed to create conditions where my ideas can flourish? We want to be cultivating hope and creativity, focusing on actions that will bring about good things in the world. We want to be careful, conscious, about what we are nurturing.

We need to be cautious about not going into paralysis as we are thinking about planting in the spring. Preparation is good, but where do I go into paralysis instead of action?

What are the words, thoughts and experiences I want to create? How can I thaw: come out of my winter torpor and share what I’ve been given to elevate life this year? What will my garden grow? That is what I will harvest in the fall…

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